Products that

Improve your Testing

Products Designed with You in Mind

Our goal is to keep designing compliance software applications for a vast array of  industries.  Our vast past experience in logistics, medical device and IT project management give us the insight into how quality systems can be improved.

We strongly believe that our end-users want products that work properly, products that are simple to use, simple to get trained on and simple to manage.  This benefits both the end-users and the companies that invest to save resources, time and money.

Simple to Use

Clients expect to improve productivity on a regular basis.  We design compliance software applications that integrates the need of the client to improve productivity and the need of the end-user to make it happen.  We take the complexity of a task and look at the multiple ways it can be done, then, we model a solution that is both comprehensive and effective during implementation.

Compliance Software Applications can only be as effective as the employees who understand how to properly use them.  Our compliance software applications are designed with the end-user in mind.  Employees will find our compliance applications to be effective and intuitive.  

Simple to Train

Simple to Manage

Our company values the time is takes to manage people and resources.  Therefore, we are constantly looking for innovative ways our products can improve our clients' processes while lessening the time it takes to manage it all.  

Current SaaS Product

BTSValidation is an excellent cloud-based Testing application. It helps you cut down your testing time by up to 80%.