Service-Specific Terms

Effective starting: September 10, 2020

Busch Technology Solutions, LLC (“BTS”)

Cloud-specific terms

Your use of BTSValidation Cloud-based Hosted Services is subject to the terms of the End User Agreement (the “Agreement”) as well as the following additional terms. Any capitalized terms used but not defined below have the meanings in the Agreement.

1 Requirements

1.1 Internet Connection. BTSValidation is a cloud-based Hosted Service and will require an active internet connection to operate properly.

1.2 Company Key Name. At New Account Setup, administrator chooses a unique Company Key Name.  This Company Key Name will serve in the creation of a unique database for you to use.  For example:  If your Company Name (entity legal name) is Transcontinental Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Then, the Company Key Name could be TransPharm, TransPharmInc or any other shortened version of the Company Name).  BTSValidation will use this Company Key Name to deploy a unique database (account) for each paying customer.

1.3 Administrator. At default the account holder is the Administrator.  This administrator has access to add other administrators, users, and have access to all forms.  This administrator is responsible for adding new users under Settings.  Depending on the subscription plan selected, administrator can add other Administrators, Users, Testers and Display Only Individuals under the User License Type  Based on the User License Type selected, administrator can grant the level of access under Roles and can select what Job Function this individual will perform under Functions.  Administrator must be careful in reviewing the addition of new users and what level of access is granted to those users for security reasons.  When Administrator completes the addition of a User, an email will be sent to invite the new User to access the database to the email entered by administrator in behalf of the new user. 

1.4 Access. Users will be allowed to access database (BTSValidation account) once they have confirmed their email address from the email sent to them, from when the administrator added the user, and have agreed to the BTSValidation Terms of Use Agreement.  If the new user never got the email.  Administrator can resend this email notification using Settings.

2 Delivery. At completion of New Account Setup time.  A unique database will be created for you.  Two emails will follow.  First email will be a “confirm your email address” for security purposes (You cannot login until you confirm your email address first).  Second email will have specific instructions on how to access your newly created database (account).  In addition to a Customer Portal button to make it easy for you to enter your Company Key Name and your exclusive portal will display in your browser.

3. Customer Portal. Our website provides an easy way for you to access your account.  On the main page there is a “Customer Portal” button that will ask you for your Company Key Name.  Enter Company Key Name and submit entry.  This will lead you to your exclusive database.  This Customer Portal directs Users to the login screen of your account without having to type the database link on their browser.

4. Plan Features Definitions. While choosing a plan to subscribe, you might consider the following definitions to help you make a subscription selection:

User: A user is an individual with full access to most forms within their database. This user can create companies, projects, requirements, test templates and make final decisions on non-conforming lines. Examples of such individuals would be engineers, quality control personnel or authorized technicians.

Tester: A tester is an individual such as a technician, engineer or production personnel that actually performs the test. A tester would not interact with the test templates, requirements or analytics. This individual is responsible to execute the test and record results.

Administrator:  Each subscription to comes with a special type of user during their default setup. At default the account holder is the special user. This special user is called the administrator. This administrator has access to add other administrators, users, and have access to all forms.

Display Only: A display only setup is for individuals that do not interact with the system but need to see in the system from time to time. They could be external auditors, senior managers, or regulatory agents.

Ticket Support: Once a client is setup on they can send ticket items using our FEEDBACK feature.  This FEEDBACK button acts as a help desk system for faster support.

5 Plug-ins Products. Administrators will be able to purchase additional Plug-ins to speed up their workload.  These Plug-ins might be Templates, Flowcharts or Add-ons.  All of these available for additional fees. 

6 Cancellations. Please, see Section 7.2, Section 10.1 and Section 10.3 of End User Agreement for instructions about return products.

7 Support. BTSValidation users have access to a FEEDBACK feature at the bottom of their BTSValidation pages once they are login.  This FEEDBACK button acts as a help desk system for faster support.  Help Tickets will be handled in the order they are received.

8 Collection of Subscriber Information.BTSValidation allows for the collect of information from your End Users (including Name, Title, Email addresses, User License Type) in order to send End Users status notifications.  Any information collected about your End Users is deemed “Your Data” under the Agreement, and as such must be collected for the purpose of providing Technical Support and Customer Service.

Additional information about as a cloud-based SaaS is available on the following sites: