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Q: What is a Company Key name?

 A: A Company Key name is used to create a unique database during a new account setup for our cloud-based BTSValidation Testing application.  The customer chooses their Company Key name which is limited to a continuous word.  For example:  If the company name is Transcontinental Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  Then, the Company Key name could be TransPharm, TransPharmInc, etc.  Therefore, a Company Key name is a shortened version of your company name chosen by the customer also known as the administrator.

Q: What kind of testing can your BTSValidation application handle?

A:  BTSValidation can help you handle multiple types of tests and record all your testing requirements and testing results.  At default you can select from the following types of Tests: Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OP), Performance Qualification (PQ), Document Qualification (DQ), Unit, Integration, User Acceptance, Component Interface, Regression, Alpha, Beta, Destructive, Usability, Security, Risk Assessment, Checklist, Incoming Inspection. You can also add to this Test list to meet your testing needs.