Digital Transformation

January 9, 2019By BTS RepDigital Transformation 1 Comment

Part of Digital Transformation is to help streamline your processes to eliminate tedious tasks, freeing corporate workers to focus on higher value work. It also helps corporations remain competitive in the marketplace by meeting projected goals on time if not sooner. Busch Technology Solutions, LLC was created to help companies automate their testing processes. Many … Read More

Top 5 Ways to Accelerate Your ERP Project

September 11, 2018By BTS RepBTSValidation No Comments

Do you want to accelerate your ERP project? Listen to this video where our top project manager explains how to accomplish this. 1) Never skip the blueprinting stage. 2) Develop the test template early. 3) Create fast and repeatable testing. 4) Keep test templates for training. 5) Review any nonconformity We hope you enjoy and … Read More

Top 5 Benefits

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See how the Top 5 Benefits of can improve your testing: #1 Reduction of paperwork #2 Job Functions over identifying people #3 Use and reuse of Test Templates #4 Use of Numbers and Percentage Ranges #5 Use of electronic signatures See this demo on video. Your Testing our passion.

Think Software Validation

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Is your software validated? Do you have the necessary documentation to support your software validation efforts? helps you keep proper software validation records. Simply, 1) Enter your actual software validation requirements. 2) Using templates create Tests to be performed. 3) Assign test lines to authorized testers based on their job function 4) Execute Test … Read More

BTSValidation supports:

April 17, 2018By BTS RepBTSValidation, testing No Comments supports: IQ/ OQ/PQ, Design Qualification (DQ), Unit, Integration, User Acceptance, Component Interface, Regression, Alpha, Beta, Destructive, Usability, Security, Risk Assessment, Checklist, Incoming Inspection and more. Learn more about this Testing Application by clicking on each of its FEATURES

New Age Testing for the New Age Products

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We are living in the digital revolution.  As our daily lives get filled with more complex electronics, we want to be able to know those products have been properly tested.  Simple products like your cell phone as well as complex products like x-ray machines.  We want to be there to help companies conduct proper testing … Read More